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Dune 4K 1/4 Slip SteelBook (1984)

Dune 4K 1/4 Slip SteelBook (1984)

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Inside Artwork: Yes
Emboss/Deboss: No
Finish Type: TBA

 Actors: Kyle MacLachlan,José Ferrer,Sting,Jürgen Prochnow,Francesca Annis,Leonardo Cimino
Director: David Lynch
Language: ENGLISH: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
ENGLISH: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 (48kHz, 24-bit)

Subtitles: English
Region: Region Free
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Number of Discs: 3
Rating: PG-13
Orig Release Date: 1984
Studio: Arrow
Release Date: 10/5/2021
Run Time: 137 Min.
Special Features: Disc One - Feature Film
  • Audio Commentaries
    • Commentary by Paul M. Sammon
    • Commentary by Mike White
  • Impressions of Dune (HD; 39:39) is a 2003 documentary with a ton of interesting interviews, including Kyle MacLachlan, Raffaella de Laurentiis, and Freddie Francis.
  • Designing Dune (HD; 8:55) is from 2005 and focuses on production designer Anthony Masters' contributions to the film.
  • Dune FX (HD; 6:01) is another 2005 piece that looks at special effects.
  • Dune Models and Miniatures (HD; 7:03) also comes from 2005 and looks specifically at model effects.
  • Dune Costumes (HD; 4:50) is also from 2005 and features interviews with a variety of crew members involved in costuming the film.
  • Deleted Scenes with Introduction by Raffaella de Laurentiis (HD; 2:52 for the intro, 14:21 for the deleted scenes)
  • Destination Dune (HD; 6:16) reaches way back into the archives with a 1983 featurette directed by Paul M. Sammon that was produced to promote the film at conventions and other PR events in preparation for its initial theatrical release.
  • Trailers and TV Spots
    • Theatrical Trailer 1 (HD; 3:09)
    • Theatrical Trailer 2 (HD; 1:31)
    • US TV Spots (HD; 1:37)
    • VHS Promo (HD; 00:37)
  • Image Galleries
    • Production Stills (HD; 56:03)
    • Behind the Scenes (HD; 14:20)
    • Cast Portraits (HD; 43:42)
    • Production Design (HD; 34:12)
    • Poster & Video Art (HD; 8:20)
Disc Two - Bonus Features
  • Beyond Imagination - Merchandising Dune (HD; 22:37) is a wonderfully entertaining piece highlighting Brian Stillman's fascination with the fact that some marketing mavens thought that Dune was the perfect opportunity to make tie in toys and other items aimed at children.
  • Prophecy Fulfilled: Scoring Dune (HD; 24:52) offers film music historian Tim Greiving discussing the film's score, augmented (no music theory pun intended) by audio interviews with Toto members Steve Lukather and Steve Porcaro. For those unaware of how some members of Toto were the scions of notable Los Angeles industry music figures, this piece offers some good background information.
  • Additional Interviews
    • Giannetto de Rossi (HD; 17:20) was a make-up artist on the film and doesn't shirk from blaming Dino de Laurentiis for "ruining" the film. In Italian with English subtitles.
    • Golda Offenheim (HD; 26:16) was the Production Coordinator, and is a wonderfully engaging interview subject, as she discusses being what amounts to basically the "nanny" for the cast and crew.
    • Paul Smith (HD; 8:50), who died in 2012, played Rabban in the film, and this archival interview is culled from a supplement that was included on Pieces (the link points to the Region B release from Arrow which I reviewed, though there's also a Region A release available from Grindhouse).
    • Christopher Tucker (HD; 3:02) did special make-up effects and offers a few brief comments here, since a lot of his work was evidently excised from the final version of the film.
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