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Shrek the Third 4K

Shrek the Third 4K

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Blu-ray Condition
 Actors: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, John Cleese
Director: Chris Miller, Raman Hui

English: DTS:X
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
Spanish: DTS 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
French: DTS 5.1
Portuguese: DTS 5.1

English SDH, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Region: Region Free
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Number of Discs: 2 (Digital Copy)
Rating: PG
Orig Release Date: 2007
Studio: Universal
Release Date: 9/12/2023
Run Time: 92 Min.
Special Features:
  • Animators Corner, a picture-in-picture feature that plays the entire film in its storyboard form along with the finished product. At certain points, the disc uses branching technology to play pitches of deleted scenes
  • Two additional features are available during playback of the film:
    • Shrek's Trivia Track provides many a tidbit on the film's production and characters.
    • The World of Shrek focuses all creatures great and small within the ogre's fictional world, compiling profiles and favorites for everyone from Fiona to the Three Little Pigs.
  • Shrek's Guide to Parenthood featuring tips in the form of text screens from Donkey, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, and Gingy the Gingerbread Man on how to handle children and any problems that may arise from them.
  • Meet the Cast runs about 11 minutes. The segment looks at the celebrity voice talent behind the film's main characters, as well as the comic women who voice the gang of faerie tale princesses.
  • Lost Scenes - 26 minutes that never made it beyond storyboard form. The four scenes - "Fauxly Grail," "Hot Lunch," "Cyrano de Artie," and "Dopplegangers," are pitched by their respective board artists.
  • The Tech of Shrek discusses the differences in Shrek the Third versus the previous two films. More complex musculature, hair, textiles, and effects work like water, fire, and the plasmic beams of magic show a distinct improvement in the ogre's latest iteration, while lighting, crowds, and environments have become more complex as the technology has evolved to allow it. As an example, Shrek took 5 million CPU render hours to complete, Shrek 2 took 10 million, and Shrek 3 took a whooping 20 million.
  • The Donkey Dance is a 30 second clip of Donkey shaky his furry butt to his own rendition of the 1982 single "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.
  • My Menus allows the viewer to pick the theme of the pop-up menu should they select it during the film. Choices range from the original "skin" to character specific menus featuring Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss-in-Boots, or Gingy.
  • The DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox contains music segments from eight of DreamWorks' most recent CG animated features, with all of the clips presented in high definition.
  • The DWK (DreamWorks Kids) section contains three rather disparate features.
    • Merlin's Magic Crystal Ball - set-top game version of a Magic Eight Ball. You ask a yes or no question and press a button, resulting in a random positive or negative response from Merlin.
    • Learn the Donkey Dance - clip played repeatedly with simplistic instructions like "jump" or "shake your behind."
    • How To Be Green 4 minute - list of tips on how to live in a more ecologically friendly manner.
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