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The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle

The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle

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Titles in Box Set Black Emanuelle / Black Emanuelle 2 / Emanuelle in Bangkok / Emanuelle in America / Emanuelle Around the World / Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals / Porno Nights of the World / Emanuelle and the Porno Nights of the World / Sister Emanuelle / Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade / Violence in a Women's Prison / Emanuelle in Prison / Black Cobra / Black Velvet / Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst / Porno Esotic Love / Divine Emanuelle / Emanuelle: Queen of the Desert / Amore Libero - Free Love / Emanuelle - A Woman From a Hot Country / Black Deep Throat / Porno Nights of the World N.2 / Inferno Rosso: Joe D'amato on the Road of Excess / Scandalous Emanuelle
 Actors: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Venantino Venantini, Dirce Funari, Ajita Wilson, Ely Galleani
Director: Joe D'Amato, Bruno Mattei, Pier Ludovico Pavoni, Bruno Fontana, Christian Anders, Brunello Rondi

ITALIAN: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
ITALIAN: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
SPANISH: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono (Emanuelle - A Woman From a Hot Country)
FRENCH: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono (Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst, Divine Emanuelle)

Subtitles: English
Region: Region A
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, 1.85:1, 1.78:1, 1.67:1, 1.66:1
Number of Discs: 15 (13 BD / 2 CD)
Rating: Not Rated
Orig Release Date: 1974-2021
Studio: Severin Films
Release Date: 8/29/2023
Run Time: 2162 Min.
Special Features:

Black Emanuelle

  • XXX Inserts (HD; 8:21)
  • Audio Commentary with Film Programmer Jazmyne Moreno
  • Exoticizing Blackness and Erotic Sovereignty in Black Emanuelle (HD; 33:20) is a title worthy of a Master's Thesis for an engaging interview with Adult Film Historian Mireille Miller-Young.
  • I Am Your Black Queen (HD; 11:12) is an audio interview with actress Laura Gemser. This plays to lots of stills.
  • The Reluctant Icon (HD; 19:55) produced tribute to Laura Gemser.
  • Black Emanuelle's Groove (HD; 13:54) is an interview with composer Nico Fidenco. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 5:25)

Black Emanuelle 2

  • XXX Inserts (HD; 6:45)
  • Adalberto AKA Bitto (HD; 36:18) is an interview with Film Historian Davide Pulici discussing the director. Subtitled in English.
  • Diva '70 (HD; 15:52) is an interview with Dagmar Lassander. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:26)

Emanuelle in Bangkok

  • Audio Commentary with Professor of Film Aaron Aubuchon
  • A Reflection of the Times (HD; 6:52) is an interview with actress Debra Berger.
  • Ivan the Terrible (HD; 7:09) features actor Ivan Rassimov in an archival interview discussing Emanuelle in Bangkok and Emanuelle Around the World. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 1:29)

Emanuelle in America

  • Audio Commentary with Film Historian Kat Ellinger
  • Archival Audio Commentary with Film Historians Bruce Holecheck and Nathaniel Thompson
  • The Danish Man (HD; 10:39) is an interview with actor Lars Bloch. Subtitled in English.
  • The Confessions of Diana Smith (HD; 16:21) is an interview with actress Maria Piera Regoli. Subtitled in English.
  • The Art of Sexy & Gore (HD; 25:14) is an interview with Art Director Marco Dentici. Subtitled in English.
  • The Cutting of the Flesh (HD; 10:35) is an interview with FX Artist Giannetto de Rossi. Subtitled in English.
  • The Devil's Trick (HD; 8:29) is an interview with Makeup Artist Maurizio Trani. Subtitled in English.
  • The Journalist (HD; 13:23) features screenwriters Maria Pia Fusco and Piero Vivarelli on the origins of Emanuelle. Subtitled in English.
  • The Naked City: Emanuelle in New York (HD; 26:15) is a fun tour of locations hosted by Michael Gingold.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:30)

Emanuelle Around the World

  • Around the World With Emanuelle (HD; 31:03) is an interesting overview by Stephen Thrower.
  • I'm Not a Guru (HD; 13:54) is an interview with actor Luigi Montefiori. Subtitled in English.
  • The Beautiful One (HD; 13:56) is an interview with actor Gianni Macchia. Subtitled in English.
  • A Tribute to Karin Schubert: The 'Nackedei' Actress (HD; 19:18) is an interesting video essay by box set producer Kier-la Janisse, along with Stephen Broomer.
  • Trailer (HD; 2:29)

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

  • Audio Commentary by Film Historian Stephen Thrower
  • The World of Nico Fidenco (HD; 27:05) is subtitled in English.
  • A Nun Among the Cannibals (HD; 22:49) is an interview with actress Annamaria Clementi. Subtitled in English.
  • Dr. O'Brien M.D. (HD; 19:32) is an interview with actor Donald O'Brien. Subtitled in English.
  • From Switzerland to Mato Grosso (HD; 18:31) is an interview with actress Monica Zanchi. Subtitled in English.
  • Dressed to Eat (HD; 18:46) is an interview with costume designer Silvana Scandariato. Subtitled in English.
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD; 2:39)

Porno Nights of the World

  • Master of the World (HD; 8:41) is an interview with co-director Bruno Mattei. Subtitled in English.
  • At the Dining Table (HD; 18:46) is an interview with producer Franco Gaudenzi. Subtitled in English.
  • The Naked Eye: Sex and the Mondo Film (HD; 43:29) is an interesting analysis of the kind of combo platter that several of the Black Emanuelle and other films offer. This features film historians Elizabeth Purchell, Mark Goodall and Joe Rubin.
  • English Opening Credit Sequence (HD; 2:14) bears the wonderful alternate title Sexy Night Report.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:03)

Emanuelle and the Porno Nights of the World

  • Crazy, Crazy World (HD; 13:33) is an interview with makeup artist Pietro Tenoglio. Subtitled in English.
  • After Hours with Joe D'Amato (HD;12:28) is an archival interview with the director from 1994.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:32)

Sister Emanuelle

  • Audio Commentary with Film Scholar Lindsay Hallam
  • Trailer (HD; 3:47)

Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade

  • Audio Commentary with Film Programmer Lars Nilsen
  • The Bohemian (HD; 10:27) is an interview with actor Venantino Venantini. Subtitled in English.
  • Come in Un Film: La Vera Storia di Gabriele (Gastone) Tinti (HD; 50:26) is a nicely produced 2016 documentary by Riccardo Marchesini about Tinti. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 2:26)

Violence in a Women's Prison

  • Archival Interview with Director Bruno Mattei (HD; 2:47) is subtitled in English.
  • Brawl in Women's Block (HD; 29:03) is an interview with writers Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi. Subtitled in English.
  • Two for One (HD; 11:50) is an interview with producer Roberto di Girolamo. Subtitled in English.
  • Radio Spot (HD; 00:31) plays to key art for Caged Women.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:49)

Emanuelle in Prison

  • Audio Commentary with Author and Critic Annie Choi (Bleeding Skull) and Film Editor Perri Pivovar (Requiem for a Dream, Carol)
  • Jailhouse Rock (HD; 39:02) is an interview with composer Luigi Ceccarelli. Subtitled in English.
  • Razor Blade Smile (HD; 14:00) is an interview with actor Pietro Angelo Pozzato. Subtitled in English.
  • Franca Stoppi: Matron of Hell (HD; 17:13) is a video essay written and narrated by film critic Rachael Nisbet focusing on the memorable actress.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:53)

Black Cobra

  • Audio Commentary with Film Critic Samm Deighan
  • From Prague to Hong Kong (HD; 12:58) is an interview with actress Michele Starck. Subtitled in English.
  • Joe D'Amato at Eurofest (HD; 11:57) is an archival interview from 1995, reportedly the only time D'Amato was interviewed in English, though subtitles are included to help with a sometimes pretty thick accent. This comes with a warning about quality.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:14)

Black Velvet

  • Black Velvet (HD; 18:28) features interviews with stars Annie Belle and Al Cliver. Subtitled in English.
  • The Roots of Evil (HD; 17:14) features biographer Alberto Pezzotta on director Brunello Rondi. Subtitled in English.
  • A Relationship of Confusion (HD; 17:16) features film critic Joseph Fahim on Velluto Nero
  • English Opening Credit Sequence (HD; 1:48)
  • Italian Theatrical Trailer (HD; 3:46)
  • English Theatrical Trailer (HD; 3:46)

Emanuelle's Perverse Outburst

  • Audio Commentary with Author Bryan Connolly ( Emmanuelle, Emanuelle, A Manual - Forthcoming) and Amber Adams of the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society

Porno Esotic Love

  • The Lovemaker (HD; 10:45) is an interview with actor Mark Shannon. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:05)

Divine Emanuelle

  • Deleted Scenes (HD; 2:30) feature the following preamble
    • During the reconstruction of Christian Anders' original and unreleased Fanatico. . . version of Divine Emanuelle, its 35mm workprint was used as a reference for returning the long edited footage back to its intended place and order. While negative elements were located for all of the cut material, one brief shot was conspiculously missing in the trims despite being present in the workprint. As we were unsure if its absence indicated a loss of material or a creative decision to remove it from the first completed version of the film, we elected to include it here as an extra.
  • Trailer (HD; 4:03)
  • Fanatico. . .When the Goddess Calls (HD; 1:44:23) is offered here as the second feature on Disc Nine of the Black Emanuelle set, but it's actually an alternate cut of Divine Emanuelle, as is disclosed in the following preamble to the presentation
    • In October of 1980 when Christian Anders first completed shooting what would eventually become Divine Emanuelle, it was envisioned as a very different film. Anders' original cut remained the stuff of mystery and legend. . .until now! Through careful reconstruction of the original negative along with section of edited interpositive, Severin presents the worldwide debut - in any format - of Fanatico. . .When the Goddess Calls, at least allowing you to experience this demented masterpiece as its creator first intended.

Emanuelle: Queen of the Desert 

  • The Dirty Seven (HD; 1:36:22) is the longer alternate cut of the film under its original title.
  • Violent Cyprus (HD; 21:58) is an interview with actor Giovanni Brusatori. Subtitled in English.
  • Sunlight and Violence (HD; 15:43) is an interview with cinematographer Nino Celeste. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 3:43)
  • Looking Good (SD; 1:00;58) is a workout video hosted by Laura Gemser, giving Jane Fonda a run for aerobic money.
  • Audio Commentary for Looking Good features Film and Television Historian Amanda Reyes and Podcaster Erik Threlfall (The Hysteria Continues)

Amore Libero - Free Love

  • The Seductress (HD; 9:56) is an interview with actress Olga Bisera. Subtitled in English.
  • English Opening Credit Sequence (HD; 2:01)
  • Trailer (HD; 3:21)

Emanuelle - A Woman From a Hot Country

  • None 

Black Deep Throat

  • Ajita Wilson: An Elusive Icon (HD; 16:03) is a video essay by Film and Gender Studies Scholar Matt Richardson.
  • Trailer (HD; 2:17)

Porno Nights of the World N.2

  • Trailer (HD; 3:09)

Inferno Rosso: Joe D'amato on the Road of Excess

  • Introduction by Nicolas Winding Refn for Venice Film Festival Premiere (HD; 1:27)
  • Two of a Kind: Talking About Joe (HD; 29:28) features director Manlio Gomarasca and Giona A. Nazzaro, Artistic Director of the Locarno Film Festival, in conversation. Subtitled in English.
  • Outtakes (HD; 36:25)
  • Trailer (HD; 1:45)

Scandalous Emanuelle

  • Scandalous Christina (HD; 9:26) is an interview with actress Jenny Tamburi. Subtitled in English.
  • Peeping Lilli (HD; 12:26) is an interview with actress Lilli Carati. Subtitled in English.
  • Trailer (HD; 1:52)
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